About Us

LynxCoding is a division of LCSI (Logo Computer Systems Inc.) of Montreal, Canada. LCSI was co-founded by the late Dr. Seymour Papert of the MIT Media Lab. Experts consider Dr. Papert to be the “father of educational computing”.

LCSI is the longest-running educational technology company dedicated to making programming software for K-12 students.

LCSI has survived multiple economic recessions, mind-boggling changes to how families and schools obtain educational software and prices that can be charged for programming software. In 1983, our first programming software, Apple Logo, cost $ 250 per computer!

Our survival is simple: Adjust and Adapt but keep your core beliefs:

  • kids should program the computer and not the reverse.
  • kids are not afraid of tackling hard problems.
  • do-the-right-thing for your clients.

Michael A. Quinn is the Lead Designer of Lynx and has been President of LCSI for a long time. He collaborated with Dr. Seymour Papert in the design of many versions of the Logo programming software.
He loves getting out-of-the-office and doing coding workshops with kids especially in remote locations Port Rexton, NL.

His favourite colour is green which represents his Irish heritage. He is a passionate follower of the Montreal Canadiens.

Alain Tougas was a public school teacher in Quebec before joining LCSI years ago. He does many things at LCSI-designing software, writing user manuals and help systems in French and English, technical support, leading workshops, etc.

He lives in the countryside now, about an hour north of Montreal, and enjoys long, quiet walks in the forest where he has been told an actual Lynx lives.

Peter Skillen was a public school teacher and educational technology consultant in Ontario for many years. After teaching, he was a key player in the launch of the YMCA Academy. He is an educational consultant to LCSI. He also co-hosts a one hour show about Seymour Papert and constructionism on the VoicEd radio network. He loves doing long, scary hikes in the Swiss Alps.

Susan Einhorn worked for many years at LCSI, designing and authoring a number of books on coding for teachers and students, then Susan became the Executive Director of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation. In that capacity, she worked with schools around the world as they implemented innovative technology based learning programs. As a consultant for LCSI, she has led coding and robotics workshops in Canada’s Far North.

Susan likes yoga, sudoku, the NY Times crossword puzzles and photography.